Returns/Cancellation Policy

Warranty, Refunds, Cancellation or Exchanges

At Pina Elegance we make our best effort to sell and ship high quality products. Before any shipping, we do an inspection on the merchandise purchased to make sure we ship a product with the highest quality that our customers are expecting. But sometimes things don’t go as we all expected.

If the item has a manufacturing defect covered by our warranty policy we will repair or replace the damaged parts for the item. Depending on the damaged we might be able to mail you a repairing kit, a new part (door, pull, hinge, etc.) or a new item at our expense.

Pina Elegance limited warranty for products purchased through is for 7 days from the date the product is delivered in the final shipping address. 

Most of our furniture products are solid wood products and are made of steamed wood which makes them vulnerable to changes due to room temperature and moisture. Wood may contract or expand creating changes in the wood adding character to the product. Wood natural marks and knots will vary for each product purchased. Warranty does not cover any contractions, expansions, cracks created by contractions and/or expansions, wood warping, differences in wood natural color and marks (natural cracks, knots, grains, wood tone, simulated worm holes and other natural marks of wood) or changes in color over time of the wood or any material from any of the products.

Most products have rusted and not rusted hardware: pulls, hinges, nail heads (conchos), screws, bolts, nails, fasteners and nuts. These hardware products are hand placed in the furniture products. Warranty does not cover variation in colors, variation in texture and variation of location for any of these hardware products.

 Some products have slate which is vulnerable to changes due to room temperature and moisture. Slate will vary in color and form adding character to the product. Slate natural color, marks, cracks, scratches, stains, holes and bumps will vary for each product purchased. Warranty does not cover any contractions, expansions, cracks created by contractions and/or expansions, differences in slate natural color and marks (cracks, scratches, stains, holes and bumps, etc.) or changes in color over time of the slate or any material from any of the products.

 Following care recommendations will prevent damage in the product:

-Avoid exposing any piece directly to the sunbeam. Not for outdoor use unless is specified in products description.

-In case of water spills, clean softly immediately with a dry rag, not doing it could denote to lose color in its original finish. It is recommended to use coasters or place-mats whenever you have liquids or food on top of a surface of the product.

- For cleaning purposes, frequent dusting with a dry cloth is recommended. Never use a wet cloth to clean your products.

- For products that have a wax finish it is recommended for wood maintenance, every six months to a year you can re-wax it with a natural color paste wax or similar wax products depending on how much wear the furniture receives.

Warranty does not cover improper use and improper care that causes any damage to the product. Not following care recommendations will void this warranty.

For products with fabric this Warranty does not cover fabric snagging, pilling, fading, shrinkage, stretching, scratching or staining of the fabric.

This Warranty does not cover lost or stolen products, damage from normal wear and tear, negligence or abuse, fire, accidents, improper cleaning and care. Nor does it cover damage caused by cuts, burns or pets. Any conditions or defects resulting from misuse, rental or commercial use, alterations or recovering of original fabric, wood or any material that is part of the product are excluded from this warranty. As mentioned above, minor imperfections like cracks, expansion and contraction of wood, slate or any other material; quantity and positions of knots and natural marks in wood; quantity of cracks, lines, bumps, holes in slate; and color variations in wood, slate and other materials are not considered defects.

For shipped orders, this warranty does not cover any damages created during the time of unloading the products at the final address destination. Pina Elegance will not take responsibility for any personal injuries, damage to personal properties, vehicle, items purchased or subsequent damage as a result of the unloading of the products that were purchased. Customers are advised that most of the products are heavy and will arrive in a box or a pallet. It is highly recommended to have minimum 2 people to receive the item purchased.

In case of any damage or defect in the purchased product that are not caused by shipping services, Pina Elegance has to evaluate the defect of the product purchased by the client. The customer has to provide photos and a description of the problem to the following email address:

Pina Elegance will analyze the situation and pictures to make a decision if the warranty covers the product so we can proceed to a repair, exchange or return.

Product Returns

If you are not completely satisfied with the product you received, you have 7 days after the date you received the product in your address (shipping address destination arrival date) to contact us at so you can get an exchange or refund.

-All orders that are marked FREE SHIPPING are subject to return shipping charges if the item is returned. You will be responsible for return shipping or delivery costs in the case of a return of a product.

-All orders that are returned are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

-Delivery and Shipping fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

-For international orders, if duties and taxes are imposed on your return order, they are due at time of delivery. You are responsible for the payment of these charges. These charges will be deducted from your refund.

Damaged items during shipping

For online orders, when receiving your merchandise from the shipping companies, if you find notorious damages in the packing that have damaged the product during transportation, take pictures and decline receiving the product. Make sure you specify with the shipping company that is damaged and that is why you are declining it. Contact us as soon as possible with pictures of the damaged packing product at so we can file the claim with the shipping company and send you a new replacement product. In case you do not take pictures of damaged packing and product we will not be able to file the claim and start the refund or exchange process.

Damaged items during shipping and receiving it from shipping company

Starting from the date you receive your order from the shipping company you have 48 hours from that date to inspect your products for damages. In case you notice any damage, you need to contact us in the same time frame of the 48 hours after receiving the product at so we can file a claim with the shipping company. After 48 hours from date of item receipt we are not able to file a claim with the shipping company. After 48 hours from date of item receipt it will be subject to the product return policies and restocking fees.

Returns and exchanges are only available for items that were shipped in the U.S.

To accept a return, item has to be in its original packaging and original purchase condition, unused and with all original tags.

We don’t accept returns on gift cards, special orders, custom orders, final sale items, as-is items and clearance items.

Valid returns will be exchanged or refunded for the amount paid for the product. Shipping and handling charges are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Merchandise Refusal

When the product arrives to its final destination address and you refuse to receive the item for any reason except visible damaged item, there will be no refunds. Damaged items should be notice to the delivery guy form the shipping company and pictures must be taken of damage in packing and product.

International Orders

Duties and Taxes might be charged for orders shipping to destinations outside the United States. If duties and taxes are imposed on your order, they are due at time of delivery. You are responsible for the payment of these charges.

We recommend that you consult your local customs office for more details about your country's duties and taxes. Pina Elegance is not responsible for any import taxes, duties, or brokerages fees which may be incurred on your international order shipment.

 If you decline to pay the taxes due upon delivery of your order, the package may be abandoned or destroyed. There are no refunds if this situation occurs.

Cancel Order

To cancel an online or phone order you have to fill out the cancellation form in the website as soon as possible after doing the purchase. For online and phone orders, once an order ships from the warehouse it can no longer be cancelled and it will be subject to the product return policies and restocking fees.

For store location orders, once the order is paid it can no longer be cancelled. There are NO REFUNDS only exchanges or credit in store when doing store locations purchases.

Pre-order items are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled for any reason.

Cancel your order procedure

Your order start processing as soon you click "Process Order". In case you choose the wrong product or want to cancel your order, you are able to do it, but the order can only be cancel if the product has not been shipped.  If the order has not already been shipped it can be cancel.

The process to cancel the order in case your product has not been shipped is:

  1. Fill out the cancellation order form.
  2. The most important information that you need when you are feeling the form is the order number, date from the order and the name of the products that you order.
  3. As soon our representatives receive your form will start the process to cancel your order. The representative will send you an email to notify you that your has been cancel and that your refund is being process.
  4. The total refund from your order take approximately 5-10 business days but it also depends on the credit card companies.

In case has already being shipped and your order could not be cancel you could return the product in accordance to our refund policy. ​